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President’s Message

13 years ago in 1997, I have founded Di-Ar by using my first two letters of my name and surname according an allegation and I have stepped to entrepreneurship world in Tourism Travel Agency area to become a “Izmir Brand”.

In this way, as a principle we have seized on a notion of “Do what you say, say what you do” and we became forward-looking solution partner of our business partners in Tourism with our perspective of congress – meetings organizations.


This partnership made us dream to become not only in Izmir, to become a Turkish Brand and a Global Brand.


Today, our target is to be a good forward-looking solution partner in tourism industry for our business partners, to create new strategies with changing and developing new world market, working to get more interest of worldmarket from tourism industry as a country.


“Success brings growing up and growing up means revolution”.


To get close our dreams, we are taking one more step by targetting for 2015 in World Tourism League to become “Global Brand”, 50.000.000 TL endorsement, 10 branch offices in national and international area.


In our company, we keep consolidating of advantages of been a family owned business on the other side, we take heed to institutionalization operations, quality operations, varied memberships, research and developement operations, restructuring on management with corporate social responsibility projects.


We thank to all of our employees and suppliers been together with us to succeed and we also thank to all of our business partners to take us today.


Best Regards,


Dilek Araç




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