Congress Services



National and International Congress
Seminar Organisations
Symposium, Workshop and Conference Organisations
Project Management



Time Management

Congress Center Selection
Congress Center Design
Alternative Congress Venue Determination
Budget Planning
Creating a Project Commitee
Operating the coordination with Congress Commitee
Suppliers Determination
Media Planning
Media Follow Ups
Public Relation Consultancy



Preparation Before Congress

Preliminary Financing Management
Revenue & Expense Management
Preparation of Congress Concept
Preparation of Printed Materials for Congress (Announcement of Congress, Abstract Book of Congress, Booklet of Programme, Bag of Congress, ID Badge, Certificates of Participation etc.)
Creating a Web-site and Operate
Preparation of Online Invitation and Online Announcement
Operation of Academic Statements
Creating an Address Bank and Databank
Advertising and Announcement Operation of Congress
Planning a Project for Exhibition and Sponsorship Venues
Preparation of Sponsorship Folders
Announcement for Intersectoral and Foreign Sector
Determination of Strategy for Sponsorships
Announcement for Public Associations
Announcement for Printed and Visual Press
Registration and Accommodation Reservations
Transportation Service Organisations of Congress Center
Corresponding with Turkish and Foreign Invited Conferenciers about Accommodation, Transfer etc..
Preparation of Presentation Cd
Preparation of Alternative Programmes for Social Activities
Grade and Evaluate the Preparations and Applications Of Congress
Determination of Staff for Operation




Preparation of Registration Desks
Welcome Services
Registration Services and Accommodation Process during Congress
Technical Equipment and Decoration of Meeting Rooms
Congress Center Design and Application for any kind of Printed Materials (Outside and Inside Visual Materials, Posters and Direction Boards)
Preparation to Locate Exhibition and Sponsorships Area
Preparation of Poster Area
Preparation of Presentation Control Center
Preparation of Press and Media Center
Food&Beverage Services Follow Ups during Congress
Social Programme Follow Ups (Openning Ceremony, Openning and Closing Coctails, Gala Dinner, Alternative Nights and Tours, Artist and Orchestra Organisations)
Organisation and Follow Ups of Transfer ve Shuttle Services
Organizing the Excursions Before and After Congress
Organizing the Guidance and Staff Services




Reconciliation between Hotel and Congress Center
Preparation of Statistics of Congress
Presentation of Registration and Accommodation Reports
Reconciliation between Üniversity and Association
Performing the Invoice for Approval
Presentation of the Assembling Congress Pictures and Videos



Sponsorship and Fairstand Vendition

To sponsor for academic programme and activities, our Agency will corporate with the Congress Organisation Commitee for the information, approvals and our Agency will be conduct the operation.


Prepare a detailed sponsorship folder which includes, general planning, academic programme, social programme, fairstand plan, fairstand prices and the advantages of sponsorship for companies.
Searching for the companies which can sponsor the activities, social and academic programme.
Identify companies recent works, contact names and company profiles.
Interview with the companies, making the contracts and follow ups for the sponsorships.
Offering services to the companies for the additional activities they would like to organize during congress.
Designing of fairstand and providing the requiremnts of sponsor companies before congress.
Taking written approval from the companies for the activities will be doing.



Graphic Design Services

To achieve the target audience in effective way, Congress Printed Materials will be design with orginal and artistic approach by our Graphic Design Group. Our Graphic Design Group will be doing;


All printed materials will prepare in general format suitable with the congress concept and will present for the approval.
Starting to produce the materials according to the technical features and details of the congress.
All the designs will be variety features and will produce diligently.
According to our service quality, all the innovations will suit to the given services with the growing technology



Press and Public Relations

To advertise the congress to the public opinion in effective way, Press and Public Relation Department of our Agency will create the programme according to the belowed features.


Specify Public Relations Strategies.
Specify Media Strategies.
Preparation and Distrubition of Press Release and Folders for Print and Visual Media.
Create a Media Information Service in Congress Center.
Provide the opportunities for the people which is picked by Congress Organisation Commitee to interview with press.
Preparation of Media Reports after congress and will be given to Congress Organisation Commitee.



Accommodation and Registration

Our accommodation and registration programme will provide all the conditions for systematic, succesful and controlled congress.


Reservation mistakes and confusions are often issues during congress but, this issues will eliminate with the using programme and controls.


To avoid waiting while registration process, there will be registration desk in the congress center and side hotels with enough computers which can do processes at the same time.


During registration, congress id badges, pocket programmes, congress abstract book, memo pad, pen and other congress materials will be given inside of the congress bags and the participants will check in fast and seamlessly to their rooms.


Registration Fees, Accommodations, Flights, Transfers, Activities and Academic Programme’s Follow Ups and Support will be handling bu our Agency.





Congress Services







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