1. At least 35% of the reservation fee is asked at the moment of registration and the remaining balance must be paid no later than 15 days before the departure date. If the payments are not done within the stated periods, the reservations will be cancelled. In this case, the client will be charged of the 35% of the total trip cost as retract compensation. (During special promotion periods, agency’s special conditions will be implemented.)


2. If the sold trip/tour is a service offered by in instalment system the cambio documents (slip, cheque, mail order etc.) ensuring that the deposit and the instalments, stated above, will be paid at the maturity date, must be completely fiilled and delivered to the agency to finalize the registration. If these statements are not disposed by the clients within the terms of a contract, the registration cancels. The disposed cambio documents are not paid on the due dates and other cambio documents which are not on the maturity dates yet are demanded to make payment within 4 weeks advance and 7 days payment period according to the Turkish Trade Act and Code of Obligations. The claims which are not paid on maturity date will be effectuated by default interest, advocacy price and monthly %5 recovering charges.


3. For hotel accomodations children discounts are valid if the child lodges as the third person in the room. The third bed may not be in the same dimensions and standarts as the other beds of the room. As the registration form and voucher are filled according to the information provided by the client, the agency is not responsible of any difference with the identity card presented at the entry of the hotel. Financial differences which may appear are to be paid by the client.


4. To guarantee the reservation/sale, the registration must be accomplished according to the conditions above. As long as the registration is not guaranteed, the agency do not guarantee any room or tour.




5. The tour can be canceled by the Agency for Acts of God and force majeure or because of an insufficient number of travellers, in this case the client has no indemnity right.


Acts of God: Unfavorable weather, route obstacle, strike, terrorism, war, war probability, unforeseeable technical problems that present an impediment to the beginning or the progress of the trip, are accepted as Acts of God by all the parties.

A. In case of cancellation-retraction or modification asked by the client, for any reason, 45 days before the beginning of the trip, the total amount of the trip will be refounded.

B. In case of cancellation of the reservation asked by the client, for any reason, 45-30 days before the beginning of the trip, the client accepts to pay 15% of the total trip cost to the agency. In case of cancellation of the reservation by the client, for any reason, 30-15 days before the beginning of the trip, the client accepts to pay 35% of the total trip cost to the agency. After 7 days, the client accepts to pay the total amount of the trip cost.

C. 3 days before the depature date, if tour cancelled by the client, is not attended or if the transit vehicle is missed, the client will be invoiced the totality of the trip cost.

D. If the client wants to cancel, for any reason, an early booking discount product bought during a promotion period, 15 days before the beginning of the trip, the client accepts to pay 35% of the total trip cost to the agency after 7 days, the client accepts to pay the total amount of the total trip cost.

6. The client can transfer the subscribed tour to anyone desired before the last 20 days that precede the beginning of the tour.


7.Due to unintentional reasons or an insufficient number of participants and without taking any responsability, the agency may cancel the tour, may modify departure place and hours, break areas, transportation companies, and accomodation complexes, and transfer clients to another agency, upon condition that the stated standarts are respected. Concerning the hotel accomodation reservations, the agency may modify the hotel/the trip date, upon condition that the clients will be informed before. Only in this situation the client can cancel his/her reservation. Whatever the conditions, tours and reservations, must be modified or cancelled through the agency therefore the client has no rights to indemnity.

8.Other clients may be registered instead of clients who cancelled their reservation. In this case, they cannot demand the refund of the deposit nor the retraction compensation using the substitution of their registration as a pretext.

9.In case of transportation cancellation demands/per person; concerning the transportation packages, reservation cancellation made before the last 20 days preceding the departure date 20% of the total amount will be invoiced, reservation cancellation made between 15 – 7 days before the departure date 70% will be invoiced, reservation cancellation made the last 4 days before the departure date the whole amount will be invoiced. Concerning the flight transportation packages, tickets will be delivered at the airport. Concerning bus package, the bus tickets must be collected from the seller-agency, one day before the departure.


10.If the client do not inform the agency that he/she will join the trip by written notification, the agency can cancel the client’s all reservations 24 hours later. In this kind of cancellations, no refund is done.


11.If deemed necessary by the agency, announced or registered tours may be cancelled completely or in part, 7 days before the planned departure date. Within this period, the agency may modify hotel names, transit vehicles and departure places, the visiting order of the visiting places planned in the program. If the client do not accept these modifications, he/she can cancel the reservation and obtain the refund of the total paid amount. In this case, the client has no indemnity right.





12.When you want to cancel your reservation, to get a complete refunding of the reservation fees, cancellation must be done at least 70 days before the departure of the boat, through our agency. If the agency is not informed of the reservation 70 days before the departure date, according to the number of days before the departure day, these rates will be implemented on the total reservation fee:


69-41 days      25% of the total reservation fee

40-25 days      50% of the total reservation fee

24-10 days      75% of the total reservation fee

There is no refund for less than 10 days.
13.The agency takes no responsibility of the delays and modifications of the boat’s departure time.
14.The agency takes no responsibility of the properties, forgotten, lost or stolen during the trip.



15.The agency is a mediator for all the matters between the clients participating to the tour/trip, the transporting companies, and notions concerning the trip. Its service is limited to mediation. This is why whatever the reason is, the agency takes no resposablity of, defects, material and moral damages caused by breakdown, accidents, losts, force majeure cases during the trip, the driver of the transit vehicle, third-parts’ personal faults, and technical faults. In this situation, the agency will explote all the possible means to pursue the tour. The agency will demand to the clients all the certificated spendings made for the clients.

16.The agency takes no responsibility of the transportation of the clients’ properties. Concerning the bus trips, the traveller is allowed to hold 2 luggages of maximum 50cm x 70 cm. Concerning the flight trips, the baggage allowance is 20 kg smelling materials, liquids, combustibles, and explosives and properties that may disturb the environment are not allowed in the transit vehicles. Animals are not allowed in the transit vehicles. Clients are responsible, during the tour, of the lost, forgotten, damaged properties.


17.Visa procedures and Services are not included to the offered service.


18.The agency is a mediator between the traveller and the consulate. The consulate may refuse the visa application, the agency takes no responsibility or this refusal. If the traveller does not obtain a visa, the cancellation conditions of the agreement are applied. The agency assumes only its mediator status. The agency takes no responsability in personal visa applications. By accepting these conditions, clients register to the trip.


19.For Cyprus trips, clients only need to hold identity card for customs and passport procedures. Since the exit procedures will not reach the agency, the possible problems that may happen concern the clients. There is no refund to clients who cannot go to Cyprus because of passport or custom problems.


20.Cancellation annoucement, may be done personally to each client on “ oral, written and electronical way”, or may be announced publicly in 2 main newspapers via printed declaration.


21.The agency is responsible of the modifications that may happen after the beginning of the trip. The agency will compensate the obvious modifications that happened at the detriment of the clients, by indemnity or service refund or by offering free services during the trip, according to TÜRSAB Kütahya Chart clauses. If supplement or substitute services are used by clients, will remove any cost refund and indemnification rights.


22.If the client leave the tour pretexting a defective service, the agency and the hotel must be informed by written notification including the reasons of this decision. Otherwise the client will be considered as having used all the services.


23.If the client keeps attending the trip although he/she complained about the service, he/she will lose indemnity rights concerning habitation, service and cost refund.


24.Agency’s accomodation service ends with the finalizing of the reservation. The agency takes no responsibility in case of refusal of the client by the hotel, despite the reservation was finalized. In this situation, the agency may transfer the client, free of charge, to another same category or higher category hotel. The agency holds a revoking right in behalf of the client and its entity. If client does not accept the transfer, the hotel accomodation cost will be refunded.


25.Clients accept that check-in time is 14.00 whatever the arrival time is, check-out time is 12.00 whatever the departure time is, extra food-beverage and other extra service expenditures excluding the programme belong to themselves.


26.Complaints originated from deficiencies in accomodation areas, bad service, defective installations in accomodation area etc. and material-moral damages happening through accidents must be told to the agency employees and the hotel employees during the vacation. Clients who do not inform the responsibles, cannot request for any right at the end of the vacation.


27.Activity proceeded between the agency and clients, regulated by this agreement is read and accepted by client. By signing this agreement the client requests, and agrees to register, under the sames conditions, the thirds who signified their attendance to the trip.


28.Clients whose signature do not appear on the agreement, and who have registered via an another elected client, are considered to accept the conditions of this agreement. However, agreement and if agency would have to pay any indemnity to the clients due to trial and suits brought at the detriment of the agency, client’s who have not personally signed this agreement have a revoking right about the extra amount paid to the clients whose signature appeared in this agreement.


29.The agency is a mediator between clients who participate to the trip, the hotel, transportation companies, and thirds and corporate people who provide other services concerning the trip. Contrary to agreements between registered clients, agency, transportation companies, the agency takes no responsability because of its not oparetor position of the absence of the transportation vehicles at the departure, delay or breakdown of the earth, air and sea vehicles, itinerary modifications due to fog, storm, blizzard and weather conditions, and route obstacles, strike, terrorism, war or war probability or any other Act of God, impediments or accidents with moral-material damages due the own fault of the driver, of the transportation vehicle, personal defaults of thirds, unforeseeable technical problems, deficient or bad service of the accomodaton hotel. Therefore, the agency is out of debt as a consecutive and as a collective like a principal in the first degree. In case of impediment or accidents, the client will claim moral and material requests to the original perpetrators. Under the strict liability laws, if the client cannot get the claim, the exigible amount from the agency is the uncollectible amount from the principal in the first degree.


30.The indemnity amount to be paid by the agency, if the agreement is partly or completely unrespected by the agency, is evaluated according to the conditions in TÜRSAB – KÜTAHYA CHART.


31.The agency takes no responsibility if any error is made while completing the form. Consequently, the person signing this form must specially examine the trip dates and other details.


32.All the clients whose name is written (even if the registration is made by someone else ) have read, understood and accepted this agreement made of 32 clauses including this clause.








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